IWSD is dedicated to strengthening partnerships with relevant institutions in order to augment the value derived from the Institute’s efforts. We build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise, and vision—working with dedicated institutions to identify issues, find answers, and drive change. The issues we seek to address are complex and demand the coordination and focus of many – leaders, governments, communities, and individuals.
Our technical support to, and collaboration with, key role players drives broader social & economic goals. We cannot succeed alone, but in partnership we can work for a world where there is adequate water and sanitation for all

The IWSD’s active role in strategic partnerships is highlighted below:

  • Secretariat and partner in the Limpopo Inclusive Water Governance Initiative that is led by Oxfam
  • Secretariat to the National sanitation & Hygiene Task Force in Zimbabwe
  • Secretariat to the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) support to Zimbabwe
  • Secretariat and host to the Water Resources Engineering and Management (WREM) Trust - The WREM Trust was formed in 2003 to promote training and research in the field of Water Resources Engineering and Management in the SADC region. Since its launch, the Trust has been sourcing and managing funds for training young professionals to attain the degree of MSc in Water Resources Engineering and Management.
  • Secretariat to the Zimbabwe National Stakeholder Committee (NASC)for the Zambezi River Basin and member of the Basin-wide Stakeholder Committee (BASC)
  • Member of WaterNet -a SADC regional  affiliate network of institutions whose aim is to build regional institutional and human capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) through training, education, research and outreach by harnessing the complementary strengths of member institutions. WaterNet member institutions have expertise in various aspects of water resources management and are drawn from Southern and East Africa
  • Co-ordinating centre - International Training Network for Water and Waste Management (ITN)
  • Member Institution of the Global Water Partnership Southern Africa Network